Reconfigurable Embedded Systems


Lecturer: Dr. Andreas Kugel

Dates and Location (LSF)

  • Monday, 9:00 - 12:30 s.t.
  • Start: April 23th, 2018
  • Heidelberg, INF 227 / HP 3.201


  • Fundamentals of digital design
  • Overview on hardware components: microcontrollers, peripherals, FPGAs
  • FPGA design tools: HDL (incl. VHDL tutorial), simulator, debugger
  • Architecure of microcontrollers - processor, bus and peripherals. Design of a simple but complete microcontroller system in VHDL
  • Microcontroller design tools: assembler, C-compiler, debugger
  • Requirements and specific properties of embedded systems
  • Selection of following topics (depends on tools and time)
    • HW/SW co-design
    • Real-time issues and scheduling
    • Embedded system software (bare-metal, real-time kernels)
  • Practical work will be done on provided FPGA boards, BYOD possible.
  • Lecture and tutorial will be manage via moodle. Enrollment key provded at first lecture
  • Practical work requires installation of specific software on your Notebooks (native or VirtualBox image (up to 40GB)) for home use, please bring you notebooks right from the first session.


Project examples: