Team and theses


Location: Campus Im Neuenheimer Feld, Building INF-368, 5th floor

Name Room Phone Email     Position

Prof. Dr. Strzodka, Robert 534 +49 6221 54 16320 [firstname].[lastname] (at) Chairholder
Lippet, Ellen 533 +49 6221 54 16321 [firstname].[lastname] (at) Secretary
Dr. Beutel, Moritz 532 +49 6221 54 16337 [firstname].[lastname] (at) Postdoc
Colmenares, Wilfredo 511 +49 6221 54 16328 [firstname].[lastname] (at) Doctoral candidate
Große-Bley, Paul 532 +49 6221 54 16336 paul.grosse-bley (at) Doctoral candidate
Qi, Xingjian 511 +49 6221 54 16327 [firstname].[lastname] (at) Doctoral candidate
Student Research Assistants 509 +49 6221 54 16322        
Electronics Lab 543 +49 6221 54 16333 / 16334 / 16335        


Year Type Name Title
2024 MSc Göken, Felix Intrinsic parallelisation of small Matrix-Types in CUDA.
2024 MSc Reith, Daniel Virtual Global Address Space.
2024 MSc Wild, Timo Wavefont-Parallel Temporal Blocking.
2024 PhD Beutel, Moritz Stochastic and deterministic methods for simulating the evolution of solid bodies in protoplanetary disks.


BSc Zeelen, Wouter Florian Performance Analysis of Cupy for Computational Physics.


BSc Sostmann, Justin Evaluation of New Floating Point Formats.
2023 PhD Klein, Christoph Algebraic, Block and Multiplicative Preconditions based on Fast Tridiagonal Solves on GPUs.
2021 MSc Döbler, Philipp

Benefits of New Floating Point Formats in Numerical Computations.


MSc Gutmann, Andreas Pipelined Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient (PPCG) after graph slicing.
2021 MSc Meyering, Andre C++ Loop-Fusion for Multidimensional Index Sets.
2020 BSc Szegedi, Patrick Entwicklung eines Microcontroller Systems mit dem Cortex M7 und Integration eines Infrarotsensors.
2020 MSc Hammer, Sebastian Creation and scheduling of Singularity containers with remote I/O.
2020 MSc Hüll, Stanislaw A High-Performance Matrix Storage Format for Sparse Banded Matrices Derived from Structured Grids.
2020 MSc Bartelheimer, Niklas Shared Virtual Memory with Dynamic Page Faults and Prefetching.
2018 BSc Huber, Gabriel Peter Bluetooth-Sensoren für lokalen und IoT Zugang.
2018 BSc Philipp, Jonathan H264 Videokompression auf einem FPGA-basierten eingebetteten System.
2018 BSc Rygol, Konstantin Asynchronous Calculation of Eigenvalues of a Perturbated Quantum Mechanical Oscillator.
2017 MSc Dorkenwald, Sven Automated bandwith optimization for banded matrix multiplication.
2017 MSc Zosgornik, Dominik FPGA-based Preconditioned Conjugate Gradients Accelerator with Hybrid Memory Cube.
2017 MSc Zach, Benjamin Domain decomposition with coarsened and fine halos.
2016 MSc Gaschler, Stefan Analyse und Portierung des Algorithmus für die Kalibrierung des ATLAS IBL Detektors auf ein HLS basierendes System.
2016 BSc Gsching, Philipp Bluetooth Low Energy Client and Host Programming.
2015 MSc Lohse, Henning Sound Glove – A Wireless Hand Motion Capturing Device for Audio Applications.