C++ Practice

Lecture and Exercises (LSF)

  • Prof. Dr. Robert Strzodka
  • Tuesday, 9:15 - 11:00, 11:15 - 13:00
  • 4 SWS and 6 ECTS
  • Heidelberg, INF 350 / OMZ R U014
  • Start 23.10.2018


The lecture and exercises are based on the book A Tour of C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup. Follow the link to see the preface and table of contents. What the book tries to achieve is best explained in the note: A shared view of C++. The book can be purchased from many retailers as ebook or on paper. To dive deeper into certain topics, there is the more detailed book "The C++ programming language" also by Bjarne Stroustrup. Both books can be accessed online at the Heidelberg University Library.

This lecture is not for C++ beginners! Participants must at least have attended a first C++ course and possess an understanding of all basic language concepts such as references, classes, inheritance, overloading, templates, STL.  In addition, several years of programming experience are recommended. The focus is on guide lines for an effective programming style which makes use of all features of C++11 from the start.

Each week there will be a reading assignment, in this way we will study the entire book from start to end, one to two chapters per week. The lectures will not be used for presenting the chapters but rather discussing them. In the first weeks there will be regular exercises and mid-term each group will choose a larger programming project. The results will be presented by the students in the last lecture.